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Are you ready to create a digital course that can replace (and out earn) your income so you can come home, working less than 10 hours a week?

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You want to stop missing moments and be at home with your family.

But right now there is a problem...

You hate going in to work every day and leaving your husband and children & not being fully present.

You are overwhelmed with all the information online and wish you had a proven roadmap to follow.

You want to quit your job & stay home but still have an income. (No clipping coupons or cutting out vacations).

Getting home shouldn't be a mystery.

Without the practical skills you need to grow your business and create your online course so you can get home, it's going to cost you...

You will never achieve your dream life

Financial freedom, uncapped income, time freedom, making money while you sleep & being there full-time to see your kids grow up - these things will never be possible if you don't take the first step!

1,000's of people will miss out on what you have to offer

Your course idea is something that people need - Doing nothing and wasting your potential not only affects you, but others too.

You continue to choose between time and money.

You're working to make more but have less time to spend it. You want more time? They want you to believe you have to give up financial security and making money. If you don't understand the secrets to breaking free - the cycle continues.

You'll keep guessing at which path leads to business success

You're sick of trial and error, and you're ready for a SYSTEMATIC approach that will help you achieve your goals FASTER.

And... you don't have to be an expert.

You don’t have to fake it till you make it. Apply now to join Coach Danielle in this value packed private Masterclass, and get the roadmap you need to create a course, quit your job and come home!  Have the time and income to be the wife and mom you've always wanted to be. 


Imagine for a second that you could...

Sell courses that have an impact and change the lives of others.

We've helped people create courses that have saved them time, money, and years of frustration. From saving marriages to creating income, becoming more productive or losing weight, learning a skill, or enjoying a new hobby. Nothing feels better than impacting others while increasing your income.

Make tens of thousands of dollars every month fairly passively.

There's not a better feeling than waking up in the morning with a big, warm cup of coffee and checking your emails to see what sales came in overnight. You can structure your business in such a way that this is possible, and it's wonderful.

Have confidence and never feel weird about selling your courses.

When you love the products that you sell and you know that they WORK, you feel confident in what you're doing. No need to put a salesman hat on or to beg for sales. It comes naturally when you're communicating in the right way.

Turn your online business into your full-time career!

Quitting our full-time jobs was a bit scary, I won't lie. But one thing I knew for sure... I wasn't going back. Not when you get a taste of what life is like on the other side -- when YOU get to design your days and work every minute for yourself.

Let me help you build your first online business.

I am Danielle, a wife, mom and an online business and course creation coach and I specialize in guiding motivated women to 6 figures and beyond, accelerating their success.

I've made seven figures using this exact system I teach in my program, in just 8 months.

But what's more impressive is that my clients have gotten the same results and even better. 

As a Christian, my faith is the most important thing in my life, so my methods are based on biblical principles that have worked since God created the world.

➡️ No dishonest sales tactics or high-pressure sales schemes. ⬅️

Just serving diligently the women that God has brought to me, and helping them create high ticket and high impact courses and program to spread the impact onward - all with an automated high ticket enrollment system that I teach in my program. 

...And now, it's your turn.

I've helped hundreds of clients transform their lives by creating 6 and 7 figure courses.

More than 500+ clients with successful businesses

People with different backgrounds, skillsets, personality types and goals - all have succeeded through the High Ticket Freedom Formula methods.   

700+ courses/coaching programs created 

Course creation shouldn't be complicated - but when you don't have a guide it's easy to get lost. Let me show you the fast track method my previous clients have used to create a profitable course ASAP. 

$40,000,000+ in client revenue generated 

You can't unlock freedom without a profitable program! My clients have generated multiple millions in sales from their own programs, some with 6 and even 7 figure businesses now, all from a single offer. That could be you!

And now I can help you achieve the same results in this premium group coaching program... 


The High Ticket Freedom Formula 

Group Coaching Program

Get the simple step-by-step plan & all the support you need in this program.

Unlock 6 figure months on evergreen with this proven step-by-step formula!

Here's what you'll get in the program:

Lifetime access to our top to bottom course

You'll receive lifetime access to the High Ticket Freedom Formula Curriculum and videos that will give you all the how to's and tech guides to helping you create and sell your high ticket group coaching + course combo program.

Bi-weekly group coaching calls for 12 months

Get first hand access and assistance from me (Coach Danielle) so that you can have all your questions answered from an experienced 7 figure coach and hear the questions of others in the group.. for a full 12 months!

A private 'MASTERMIND' online community group

On top of receiving weekly access to me, you'll also have access to the other top level entrepreneurs who are going alongside this journey with you where you can discuss ideas, as well as to inspire and motivate each other.

How High Ticket Freedom Formula Works


Complete the application to receive an invite to my exclusive LIVE Private Masterclass held on Thursday 28th of September, 2023


If accepted, I will send you the invitation to join the LIVE Private Masterclass, and you'll discover the 3 life-changing secrets to quickly unlock the high ticket e-course inside of you so you can replace your income & come home ASAP


Enroll into the High Ticket Freedom Formula, create & sell your high ticket program, and replace your income, quit your job and enjoy income on autopilot!

Here are the bonuses you'll get:

Millionaire Mindset Shift

($197 Value)

Learn some mindset shifts that will help you prepare for what’s to come and the 3 necessary shifts to hit 6 figures a year from one course.

Lead Magnet Legend

($397 Value)

Learn what it takes to create an irresistible lead magnet to draw in your ideal customers and gain their trust.

Perfect Pricing Guide

($397 Value)

Learn how to get people to your 10K funnel and create content that turns viewers into buyers.


 ✅ Lifetime Access

 ✅ Future Updates

The online business world is constantly changing. As algorithms change and we update our strategies, we continue to update all of our courses! You will ALWAYS get access to these updates right within the course!

AND, we've made High Ticket Freedom Formula super simple for you through our...



The Simple Step-By-Step, Template-Driven System that allows YOU to build your business without all the stress, while MAXIMIZING your sales page conversions!


✅ No need to WORRY about how to format your page

✅ Get your business up and running QUICKER!

30 Day DO THE WORK Money-back Guarantee

You have a full 30 days to try Create A Course & Quit. Use it, and if you aren’t satisfied with your results, email me with your completed work and I will refund 100% of your investment.


Why do I feel so confident in Create A Course & Quit? This program has worked for hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs just like you. They’ve been where you are, they’ve done the work, and they’ve gotten to the other side. I know that if you commit to taking action and following the system, soon I’ll be sharing your story right alongside theirs.

Take a look at High Ticket Freedom Formulas'

client success stories!

Alina Johnson

She has made $129,000 in the last 6 months while being a wife and mom of 3. She stopped wasting time overthinking and followed a proven plan to build the life she desired. 

Shannon Smith

"I had tried everything - freelancing, blogging, MLMs, surveys, you name it! So I was very skeptical when it came to doing this, but I took the leap and put in the work and just a few months later was able to take my family to Disney World and even made $600 while riding Space Mountain! I can't thank you enough Danielle!"

Martha Swine

"Danielle, you are God-sent. You are the person I needed, someone who can help me understand business. I felt so alone and I am very happy to be working with you and for the results I've gotten while being so busy as a mom. I am so glad that I can now homeschool my children. That was most important to me."

Apply Here, Limited Spots Available! 

Just answer a few quick questions to apply now to get invited to my LIVE Private Masterclass to discover the 3 life-changing secrets to quickly unlock the high ticket e-course inside of you so you can replace your income & come home ASAP.

PLUS, you'll receive the opportunity to work with me personally in my program! 

Still got questions? We have the answers!




✅ Lifetime Access to the proven step-by-step guide to fast-track your course success

✅ 20+ Pages of templates and worksheets so you see results quickly

✅ Clarify, validate and create, and get buyers to your course in 90 days

✅ 12 Weekly Group Coaching Calls & Monthly Q&A 9 months after - 1 FULL year of support! 





✅ Lifetime Access to the proven step-by-step guide to fast-track your course success

✅ 20+ Pages of templates and worksheets so you see results quickly

✅ Clarify, validate and create, and get buyers to your course in 90 days

✅ 12 Weekly Group Coaching Calls & Monthly Q&A 9 months after - 1 FULL year of support! 


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Meet Jessica!

She built her course idea teaching people how to create door wreaths...

Jessica had no idea what course to create but ended up landing on a course teaching people how to make wreaths for holidays year-round. She didn't know if it would work but started anyway. 

She clarified then validated her idea through our process and is now making $15,000+/month consistently.

 "I didn't know if it would work but I followed the process and now am making $15,000/month consistently "

- Jessica

Who is the program for?

Women who are ready to make money to quit their job and stay home (single or married)

Whether you want to supplement your husbands income, replace yours entirely, or out-earn both of you combined - it has all been done before.

People who genuinely want to help others

If you genuinely want to help others and make income at the same time then this is for you. And also being able to help your family, church and community - to use your income for a greater impact!

Those who want to do business honestly, ethically & in a way that honors God

If you are tired of seeing scammy & unethical ways of making money online then this is for you! So you can make money while never sacrificing what matters most.

Who is the program NOT for?

People who want a get rich quick scheme

This is NOT a guarantee that you will be successful overnight with no work. All the steps for you to be successful are here, but you do have to take them. This progam only works if you do.

Slackers, hand-holders, and people not willing to dive in deep

If you're the kind of person who doesn't follow directions, won't stick to a proven path, won't use the resources given to them and always has an excuse - don't bother joining! 

Those who want to be rich by any means necessary

Scheming, scamming and high pressure sales tactics are NOT welcome here. If the thought of selling a bad product to your customer doesn't make you uncomfortable, then this isn't for you. 

More High Ticket Freedom Formula success stories...

Brittany Strasser


Less than 30 days after following the system, Brittany made $7,000 and is now bringing in consistent income online through her course.

"I received MORE than I expected to get. And she delivered more than I thought was possible. If I don't succeed beyond my wildest dreams I could only blame myself"

Willow Walters


Willow followed the HTFF plan and utilized the resources and within 10 days, she made her first $1500 and then $5,000 her second month. 

"I had no idea where to start and was so overwhelmed with what to do and how to do it. After having bought multiple courses I can honestly say HTFF is worth triple the cost. Have you ever felt something was so valuable you owed them more? This has literally given me the keys to change my life. Quitting is so close".

Caitlin Windsor


"Once I lost my job due to the pandemic I was a wreck, but it was a blessing in disguise as I knew I needed to be home. Creating a course has given me and my family more freedom than I could have ever imagined or had any other way. Thank you, Coach Danielle!"

It's time for your transformation!

This is your life now...

Waking up each morning with a sinking feeling, dreading the thought of another day in a job that drains your soul being away from your family

Feeling trapped in a cycle of unfulfilling work, with a capped income unable to live and give like you dreamed of. 

Not having time freedom having to ask your boss for time off to have a vacation or even take care of a sick child.

Now picture your life after...

Waking up without an alarm clock to the sound of your children's laughter & hugs, thankful to spend unlimited time with them and not miss another moment.

Stepping into your true potential and realizing the incredible impact and income you can make serving others with your program.

Making your own schedule and traveling with your family without asking anyone for permission.

Go on then, what are you waiting for! Secure your spot TODAY. 

Limited time and spots available!